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  • Potency Testing

  • Foreign Material & Microbial Bioburden Screening

  • Pesticide & Agricultural Residue Testing

  • CoA Certicication Cards, Packaging & Labeling***

  • Cultivation/Harvest and Proper Storage Techniques

  • 215 Cultivation and Harvest Kits to assure Compliancy

  • Security and Safety- Emergency Planning, Training and Testing

  • Legal Referrals to Dedicated MMJ Attorneys       

  • Litigation Communication

  • Issues of Advocacy

  • Long Term Strategic Communications Planning

  • Government Relations and Legislative Strategies

  • Media and Presentation Training for Executives

  • Community and Stakeholders Engagements

 *** This process is totally controlled by best scientific principals and practices to assure potency and purity to the end user Patient.  It requires our "Seal of Approval"...